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  1. 4003449809886300|06|2021|189|UNITED STATES|Dylan|Boroczi|716 N Webster Street|Portland||97217|3105696499|Enteryouremailaddress||Mozilla5.
  2. 4214020070136884 09/21 871 David B Mansfield 2165 Barton Street Hamilton Ontario L8P 1P8 CA
  3. 4318700091123699 07/22 242 Anusionwu David Johtokiventie 3c 25 Helsinki Finland 00710 FINLAND
  4. The data leak contains email addresses, site administrator passwords, and private keys for the .onion domain. An attacker using the alias KingNull published on the hosting portal a database of Daniel's Hosting (DH), the largest free hosting provider on the darknet. The data leak occurred as a result of a cyber attack on DH in March this year. An attacker hacked a portal, stole a database, and then deleted all the data from the hosting provider, as a result of which about 7.6 thousand sites were disconnected. According to ZDNet, KingNull uploaded a copy of the stolen DH database to one of the file hosting portals. The data leak includes 3,671 email addresses, 7,205 account passwords and 8,580 dark keys for .onion domains. “This confidential information can significantly help law enforcement agencies track down users who engage in or participate in illegal activities on darknet sites,” the attacker said. In addition, if site owners transferred their web portals to another hosting site, but continued to use old passwords, attackers could take control of new accounts. IP addresses that could help law enforcement investigations were not included in the data leak.
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