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Found 2 results

  1. Short tutorial, on how to make track one with track 2. Take example of last dump Track2 (this is a dump): Example dump info: 4888603170607238=15051011203191805191 PATACSIL/DAVID Bank of America, N.A. (USA) CREDIT PLATINUM United States of America 4888603170607238=15051011203191805191 <----This is Track 2 (we want to make Track 1 out of Track 2) Smith/John <---the name of the card holder (LASTNAME/FIRSTNAME) Bank of America, N.A. <-- Bank Name (USA) <--- Country of Bank CREDIT <-- Credit or Debit ( in this case it is Credit) PLATINUM <--type of card, eg. Classice, Gold,Platinum United States of America <--Country When you see and equal sign (=) in a Track it always means it is Track 2 When you see the letter "B" in front of the Track it is always Track 1 Now to Make a Track1 From Track2 see instructions below: Take the Credit Card account number from Track 2 in this example it is: 4888603170607238 Add the letter "B" in the front of the number like this: B4888603170607238 Then add the cardholder name YOU want to show on the card B4888603170607238^Smith/John^(Last name first/First Name) Next add the expiry date and service code (expiry date is YYMM in this case 1505,and in this case the 3 digit service code is 101 so add 1505101): B4888603170607238^Smith/John^1505101 Now add 10 zero's after service code: B4888603170607238^Smith/John^15051010000000000 Next add the remaning numbers from Track2 (after the service code): B4888603170607238^Smith/John^150510100000000001203191805191 And then add six zero's (6) zero's: B4888603170607238^Smith/John^150510100000000001203191805191000000 this is your Track 1 Track 1: B4888603170607238^Smith/John^150510100000000001203191805191000000 REMEMEBER THIS IS ONLY FOR VISA AND MASTER CARD(16digits) , AMEX HAS 15 DIGITS, this doesn't work for Amex.
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    Introduction to Carding and Key Points: There are multiple definitions available per different views. Carding itself is defined as the illegal use of the card (Credit/Debit) by unauthorized people (carder) to buy a product. For educational purposes, I will now show how a carder is able to go about their illicit activities. Remember – carding is highly illegal, and should not be attempted under any circumstances. 1.1 Key points in carding method. 2. Let start to understand each point one by one. 2.1 Computer (PC): For doing carding always use a computer. I know some methods using a mobile device, but it is less secure and involves more risk. 2.2 SOCKS: SOCKS stands for SOCKet Secure. It is internet protocol which allows client and server traffic pass through a proxy server, so real IP is getting hidden and proxy IP get reflected. This is useful while carding because carder wants to use the credit card holder’s location while doing it. Users can buy SOCKS. 2.3 Mac Address Changer: MAC stands for Media Access Control. It is the unique address of every Network Interface Card (NIC). A MAC address changer allows you to change the MAC address of NIC instantly. It is required to be anonymous and safe J 2.4 CCleaner: It is very useful tool help in cleaning your browsing history, cookies, temp files, etc. Many people ignore this part and get caught, so be careful and don’t forget to use it J 2.5 RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol): RDP allows one computer to connect to another computer within the network. It is protocol developed by Microsoft. Basically, carders use it to connect to computers of the geolocation of the person whose credit card carder want to use. It is used for safety and stay anon. Here carders using others’ PC for doing carding instead of their own. 2.6 DROP: DROP is an address which the carder uses for the shipping address in the carding process. Let me explain in details with an example: If I am carding with US credit card, then I use USA address as shipping address then my order will be shipped successfully, and I will be safe. If you have relatives/friends, then no problem, otherwise use sites who provide drop services only we have to pay extra for shipping it. 2.7 credit card (Credit Card): This part is very much important so read it carefully. Any credit card it is in the following format: | credit card Number |Exp Date| CVV2 code | Name on the Card | Address | City | State | Country | Zip code | Phone # (sometimes not included depending on where you get your credit card from)| e.g.: (randomly taken number/details) | 4305873969346315 | 05 | 2018 | 591 | UNITED STATES | John Mechanic | 201 Stone Wayne Lane | Easternton | MA | 01949 | Types of Credit Card: Every Credit card company starts their credit card number with a unique number to identify individually like shown below American Express (AMEX Card) – 3 Visa Card – 4 Master Card – 5 Discover (Disco) – 6 Company wise credit card details: Visa Classic: The Card is used worldwide in any locations designated by Visa, including ATMs, real and virtual Stores, and shops offering goods and services by mail and telephone. Gold – This card has a higher limit capacity. Most used card and adopted worldwide. Platinum – Card is having limits over $10,000. Signature – No preset spending limit – great bin to get Infinite – Most prestigious card with having virtually no limit. There is less in circulation so be alert when buying these. Use only with reputable sellers! Business – it can be used for small to medium sized businesses, usually has a limit. Corporate – it can be used with medium to large size businesses, having more limit than a Business card. Black – It has limited membership. It has no limit only having $500 annual fee, high-end card. MasterCard Standard – it is same as classic visa card. Gold – it is same as visa gold card. Platinum – it is same as visa platinum card World – it has a very high limit. World Elite – it is virtually no limit, high-end card. Amex Card Gold – it usually has around a 10k limit. Platinum- is usually has a higher limit (around 35k). Centurion – it has a High limit (75k+). It is also known as the black card, note: do not confuse with visa black card. Now we can start with some of the questionnaire and Basic concepts before start practical process of Carding. Q1. What is BIN? It is known as Bank Identification Number (BIN). It is a 6-digit number e.g.: 431408. Some of the reference sites which give BIN info which I also refer: www.bins.pro www.binlists.com www.exactbins.com Simply go to the site (www.bins.pro)àenter BIN number and click on find to get the details. I have added first 4 digits only. You can filter out the option as per requirement shown below We got most of the information from the site. Now the question is how to know the balance of CC. is it possible? and answer is Yes, I will let you know step by step using normal as well as Skype method J Q2. What is the meaning of VBV, NON VBV and MSC? VBV (Verified by Visa) – Extra level protection is added by Visa to protect the Card from fraud. Like DOB, password, Social Security Number and Mother’s name, etc. also sending OTP (one-time password) as extra security level to card owner mobile number to validate the transaction. NON VBV (Verified by Visa) –Handy to use. No need extra information as specified in VBV card while doing the transaction. Note it down (IMP)- Carders mainly buy and use NON VBV cards for carding. MSC (MasterCard Secure Code) – security level same as VBV card. Q3. What is AVS? It stands for Address Verification System It is the system which is used to identify the credit card holder original address with billing address provided by the user while shopping or online transaction. The system is used to identify the online fraud over the internet. Q4. How to check credit card is live or dead? There are many sites available on the internet to verify credit card is live or dead, but they charge for it approx. $0.001 (price may vary). Also, 80% websites kill the credit card so never use it. There are tools also available on the internet to check the credit card status, but most of them are a backdoor or Trojan so prefer not to use it. As such there is no easy method to check it. Carder uses own ways to find it out. One of the ways is… Most carder go to Porn sites, buy a membership and confirm the credit card is live and proceed with carding. Q5. How to check the credit card is live or dead? (Skype Method) (Note: method is posted on March 16) Login into Skype account and call on Magic number +18005xx5633 (masked). You will connect to voice mail (lady’s voice). Start by entering the credit card number, and voice mail lady will stop automatically. After that enter Expiry date of a card like 01 16 (mm: yy format). If your credit card is live then voice mail lady will speak like “Thank you for calling, we really appreciate your business, since u are a 1st-time caller we would like to connect you .. blah blah” then just hang the call. But if the credit card is used and voice mail lady speak like “Ohh I’m sorry please re-enter your credit card number now” then the card is dead. You can repeat the same process as many time you want. Note: You need a good internet connection for Skype calls. Q6. What is Bill=ship/Bill=CC/Ship=your Address? Kindly pay attention here as it is also the main portion in carding process. Any mistake will cancel the order and id get blocked. BILL=SHIP (Billing address: Shipping address) Take a scenario of normal online shopping scenario, when you are doing carding you will use billing address and shipping address are same. Means in both u will use your address. No need to use credit card address. Bill=Shipping address, Ship=your address When you are doing carding, you will use credit card holder address as your billing address, and shipping address will be your address. Most sites use this method. Now we cleared basic concepts and start with the actual process of carding. Setup SOCKS proxy in Firefox: Follow the steps à open Firefox à go to options àadvanced options à network à A pop-up will come. It will show options No proxy 2. Auto Detect 3. Use system proxy 4. Manual proxy configuration Select manual proxy configuration. Enter socks host: <<proxy ip>> and port: <<proxy port>> e.g.: 8080. Press ok and restart Firefox. Now you are connected to secure Socks5 J
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